SEO Packages to boost your website ranking

A great looking website us essential to all businesses, but if it doesn't rank well on Google it's not working.

Our SEO service will look to change your site so it becomes more Google friendly, ranks more highly for the keywords you want to target and ultimately generates more sales enquiries.

Our starting point is a review of the SEO status of your current site. We aren't looking at the design, but how Google views the site from a technical perspective.

SEO Strategy

We will work with your to develop a plan of action to boost your website for the searches and in the locations most suitable for your business. This is a bespoke plan, not an off the shelf solution and will focus everyone on the goals of the campaign.

Key Word Analysis & Suggestions

Looking at the most appropriate key words and phrases, using software to analyse search volumes on these words.

Competitor Analysis

What are your competitors doing on their sites? Can their tactics be utilised, enhanced and applied to your site to give it a ranking boost.

On-Page Changes

The content of the page is vital for good ranking, both the visble text and also the hidden code. We'll change the page to be more Google friendly, and utilise our technical skills to change the code.

Local Searches

Being found by local customer is vital to many busineses. Working to improve the local business profile is a key aspect of our work.

Google My Business

Ensuring the Google My Business page is accurate, has new content added reguarly

Backlinks and Citations

Backlinks from trustworthy sources are vital for getting a good Google ranking and this will form a fair amount of the project time.

Blogs and Content

Adding new and search friendly content is vital. Google likes pages that are updating frequently, and adding new and informative blogs, new pages and new posts will be an essential part of the SEO package.

Reporting & Analysis

You will get a detailed report to show the activities and changes on the website, and also traffic analysis and search analysis.

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Ongoing support to keep your site high ranking

Web Review

An initial website review.

Working with you to identify the keywords you want to use

Site Changes

Making Page Changes

Updating your website to make it easier for google to find it.

Blog Writing

Writing Blogs

Adding high quality content to your site

Backlink Support

Adding Backlinks

Finding high ranking sites to link back to you


Keeping you informed

Regular reports to show the site statistics

Sales Leads

Winning New Customers

Gaining site visits from relevant prospective customers

An SEO project will start with a review of your site, giving you a score out of 100 for it's current SEO ranking. The Projects team will then work with you to make changes to the tecnical elements of the site, and also the wording to increase this score.

The first level of changes will have an immediate effect on your ranking, but over time the site will get more and more visits and higher ranking

We can put together a tailored package to help your site start to generate enquiries and to win sales.

In addition to a pure SEO campaign, we can also help with all aspects of getting new customers.

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Chris Morgan

With over 20 years of experience in helping businesses of all sizes to grow and developed ther sales, Chris and his team are in an ideal position to help you win new customers through LinkedIn