Using Telemarketing to Win New Customers

Telemarketing is an excellent sales tool, which can precisesly target prospective customers who have an interest in your products or services.

A well run telemarketing campaign will target prosepective customers with a call to introduce your products or services.

Without using agressive sales tactics the Projects team will professionally represent you're business, identifying the key decision makers in the company and arranging sales visits, or virtual sales appointments where there is an interest.

The results are almost instant, with sales enquiries coming in as soon as the campaign commences.

We can put together a tailored package to help businesses of all sizes utilise the power of telemarketing to win sales.

Whether you are wanting regular posts and information posted to Facebook, targeting new prospective customers, Facebook Adverts or a combination of all them, we are here to help.

Facebook Campaign Example with xxxxx% Return on Investment

This client wanted to promote their company to the residents of South Birmingham and north Warwickshire.

      Create branded adverts and Facebook posts,

        using the images, graphics and colour themes from thier exisiting marketing.

      Invited to join LinkedIn network,

        with introductory messages sent to each.

      Responses followed up with sales call,

        to ensure all leads were fully optimised.

      Regular LinkedIn Posts,

        to keep their network engaged and aware of new services.

Facebook Campaign Results and Return on Investment

      375 New Decision Makers Added to Network

        all local business owners and directors

      65 Sales Leads within 1st Month

        afollowed up wih 60% convering to instant sales and 20% within the same quarter.

      £9,875 of sales income in 1st month

        all directly attributable from the LinkedIn campaign.

      £875 Campaign Cost Month 1

        then a regualar payments of £225 per month to keep the sales momentum going.

Telemarketing Services

Chris Morgan

With over 20 years of experience in helping businesses of all sizes to grow and developed ther sales, Chris and his team are in an ideal position to help you win new customers through LinkedIn